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Hecho en puerto rico

At The Condado Collection, we are proud members of the Made in Puerto Rico Association (Asociación Hecho en Puerto Rico). Let's learn more about what they do for a variety of industries in Puerto Rico.

Hecho en Puerto Rico is a non-profit organization founded in 1967. Its origins go back to 1910 when Don Antonio R. Barceló founded the Puerto Rico Association with the purpose to protect the principal industries in the island which, at that moment, were sugar canes, coffee and tobacco.

The mission of the Association is is to protect and promote the manufacture and services made and offered by companies based in Puerto Rico. The partners of the Association are manufacturing, processing, marketing, distribution, and export companies which, as members, proudly use the "Hecho en Puerto Rico" seal.

The Condado Collection is proud to be a part of the Hecho en Puerto Rico association, which supports local business, boosts local economy, and elevates what it means to be made in Puerto Rico. Learn More.


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